The Magellan Fellowship Initiative


The Magellan Fellowship Initiative, in collaboration with Alderlore Insight Center is offering a 9 month foundational course.


Here is what it can mean to you:


Artwork by Steve Self

Several people from the integral community have asked me about this course and what it can contribute to their community. This course is designed to be a framework that can overlay any community-specific practice and facilitate new kinds of inquiry, dialogue and insight into the nature of self, other and world.  While it incorporates key elements of Buddhism, Daoism, Shamanism, and Jungian psychology, it also integrates these with modern developmental psychology, transpersonal psychology, limnal and imaginary practices, and post-post modern/ post-metaphysical themes in emergent psychological models. All these are integrated in a comprehensive framework which addresses self, other and world in terms of the generative relationship between involutionary structures and evolutionary dynamics. The framework guides us through what is called an “auto-ethnographic” process to discover the root sources of our being, and reveal the negative dialectics that “over-shadow” their generative potential.

This course offers a radical expansion of integral themes into new, post-dialectic, post-dualistic territory, and offers the serious student, and the serious community, both a practice and a practicum, for catalyzing transformative change in self, community and world.

Here are some of the key features of the course that are of specific importance to the integral community:

  • How negative dialectics are embedded in the bio-psycho-social self.
  • How the intellect projects embodied trauma into conceptual space where it can be “safely handled”
  • What are subpersonalities, the origin of talk therapy and the implications of Big Mind Process
  • Exploring the deep phenomenology of self, non-self, and no-self
  • The relationship between the “I”, “me” and “mine” as part of the evolution of the hum-animal
  • The generative capacity of the latent self and the problem with Borderland (vs. borderline) personality development
  • Difference between mythopoeia and true archetypes
  • Negative dialectics of culture- language, norms and taboo
  • The evolutionary significance of incommensurable beliefs.
  • How we inherit the existential condition of incompatible goods from the animal realm
  • The involution of affective, affiliative, fealty and leadership structures in the animal domain
  • How we are shaped by the involutionary structures of primordial elements and energetic primes
  • The negative dialectics of the nature-society split.
  • The negative dialectics of good and evil.
  • The negative dialectics of subject – object (agency/non-agent)
  • Why individuation is incomplete and why it is necessary for full participation with others and the world.
  • How do we derive a post-metaphysical, non-relativistic, non-normative (naturalized) understanding of authenticity?
  • Congruence, coherence, and exemplariness – the three pillars of the authentic self as generative process


Dear Friends of the Magellan,

In January 2012, I was enjoying eight weeks of winter break from my previous career. I took advantage of this time to adapt a simple blogsite (then “BiFFnet”) to host a circle of people who were interested in experimenting with new ways of learning together, new ways of sharing ideas, insights and inspiration through online learning circles and teleconference conversations, new ways of exploring territories of thinking, being and playing that might arise if we carried our deepest felt-sense from our hearts, forward into a kind of collective body-mind where new, co-created worlds would appear across all the horizons beyond which we wanted to sail.

Without a task list or plan of any sort, I wanted only to hear your beating hearts drumming alongside mine, in an orchestra where joy and enthusiasm played with nurturing concern and basic human kindness. Oh what music has arisen to propel this ship toward discovering wholeness once again.

Today the Magellan Courses welcomes its 200+ member– with the ability to participate on different levels, a richly layered tapestry is being woven. Some of you are helping to steer this exploration into new waters. It is exciting for me to see courses led by others, and to think that all around the globe people are participating in leaning into their own (un)knowing in a way they have not done before. All of this because of you. Because of all of us.

Today I am introducing some initiatives being brought forward through the help of many of you working behind the scenes to develop the Magellan Courses. We are really enthusiastic about these, as we feel they are ripe for our moment. I hope you find them enticing.

~ as the heart shines, voice sings, and body dances, in light and love

within and through, all of us,

Bonnitta Roy

 The Magellan Fellowship

Think of The Magellan Courses as our flagship, and then imagine a real-life embodied “ship of fellows” — this is the Magellan Fellowship– a collaborative envisioned as an international, inter-generational society of fellowship who contribute by being mentors and benefit from receiving mentorship from others.

Our Fellowship is an open, self-organizing fellowship of personal commitment and shared response-ability, in an intimate field of deep interpersonal relatedness and care. This “ship of fellows” is envisioned as a fluid, flexible, living field of human care and concern, where fellows are held in a sacred space of shared endeavors around meaning-making and visioning. In this field, we are better able to develop clear mind, right body and vital spirit– our personal journey toward self-mastery. But it is also evident to the Fellowship, that the greatest strength and power resides in the relational ground that unites each fellow into a more excellent whole.

The programs offered through the Fellowship focus on discovery and wisdom, and the processes that enrich the qualities of interdependent care, integrated development, and deeply shared trust that arise from basic human kindness and well-being, as generative of transpersonal fields of Love, that are capable of acting in the world in powerful and extraordinary ways.

The longer-term mission of the Magellan Fellowship is to develop and deploy a global field of inter-generational fellows to enter into and transform the existing structures of education, politics and business.

Today, our Fellowship offers two inter-enactive programs:

The Magellan Fellowship Artist Series launches soon with Earthanima artist, Thomas Arthur hosing a 4-part teleconference series of meditations on Elemental Voices designed to facilitate our awareness of the individual, collective and natural subtle energy fields. His work is innovative and experiential, and guarantees to have some surprises in store.

The Magellan Fellowship Retreats is a series of venues designed to deepen our engagement with each other, and expand the kinds of encounters we can experience together. Three retreats will be offered this fall and are highlighted below. I believe that we can benefit tremendously by being together in the same place at the same time, in deep relational engagement, surrounded by nature, to fully presence The Magellan Courses journey together. With some of your help, we have put together 3 weeks for collaborative retreat designed to intensify our work towards creating a new understanding of ourselves as intimately entangled living centers of embodied spirit-as-wholeness, with the intention of producing extraordinary artifacts– documents, video, audio, a presentation for next summer’s ITC 2013 Conference– that can be shared with a larger audience, and serve as the core “navigation log” of The Magellan Fellowship.

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