Bruno Latour Gifford Lectures 2013

This course is designed to be provocative of generative dialogue around  the ways we view the human/nature dichotomy, and to evoke new ways to resolve that conceptual fault-line, and to examine the foundations of a robust planetary axiology (value-system).

Lecture 1: Once Out of Nature – natural religion as a pleonasm

Lecture 2 : A Shift In Agency – with apologies to David Hume

Lecture 3: The Puzzling Face of a Secular Gaia

Lecture 4: The Anthropocene and the Destruction of the Image of the Globe

Lecture 5: War of the Worlds – Humans against Earthbound

Lecture 6: Inside the ‘Planetary Boundaries’ – Gaia’s Estate

We will also be reading the following articles by Latour:

Compositional Manifest

Its Development Stupid

Will NonHumans be Saved

Waiting for Gaia

Spheres and Networks

Organizing Networks,

Societies, Spheres

The course includes  8 weekly conference calls, an introduction/orientation call, 6 calls on each lecture, and a final, wrap-up call, beginning the week of April 22 — June 2

Conference Call information can be found here:
The course includes discussions in this blogsite – instructions for getting started can be found here :
There is also a back-chat group on FB which can be accessed here:

13 thoughts on “Bruno Latour Gifford Lectures 2013

  1. If it is on a weekend day, I would rather like to have it later than what we are used to, because otherwise I will be out in the garden – and too many times will forget the call! but that is only my wish of course.

    • This is a free course. (but donations are always welcome :-) )
      Don’t know yet the time frame for calls. What works best for you?

  2. I am certainly into it, and am relatively flexible about times given that I am in an odd timezone (just so long as its not 2 am I am good!)


  4. I just lisstened to the first con/call. Loved it. Specially …well..everything. What came out of it briefly is that my nomos seems to have changed…from a well and confortable story of a process of 14 bilion years of evolution … to a cosmology of infinity where there is no beginning and no end and that of a fractal universe. It is a very new story for me. As for ethos and demos…well I will catch up later! Thank you so much Bonnie for this new inquiry. I loved today because I saw that post on agency = freedom and promise and hence my inspiration to join the group.

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